Increase your sales with data based learning!

UltraLeanSales® - The Continuous Learning Model

With the continuous learning model of systematic B2B marketing and sales, you clarify the root causes of your customers' buying behavior and learn to increase sales with the help of information, instead of guesswork!

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UltraLeanSales® is changing the way you do B2B sales

The book presents a systematic, innovative and unique way to combine the purchasing criteria of a B2B customer company with the marketing and sales processes of the seller company.

By focusing on highlighting the criteria, revealed by the process that are important to the customer in the offers, instead of the criteria that are irrelevant to the customer, it will inevitably lead to better results. In other words, the seller company wins more offers, which naturally leads to an improvement in the winning percentage of the offers. The improvement in the winning percentage, in turn, increases the sellers revenue, improves productivity, and thus the overall profitability of the company.

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Get to know your customers

By understanding how and why the customer buys, you learn to do the right things in marketing and sales, at the right time and through the right channel.

  • Strengthen your competitive advantage: Learn how to stand out from the competition and win more offers
  • Strengthen what works: Learn from successes and eliminate your weaknesses
  • End competing with price: Learn how to justify a higher price
  • Implement B2B purchasing information bank and stop guessing!

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What readers say about the book?

"I originally started looking for help with sales and prioritizing my time. Approaching according to the UltraLeanSales model quickly helped me on the path where I learned to understand the needs of my target groups and place my services correctly."

- Riku Tuppela, CEO, Jukra Oy.


“Implementing Lean thinking is an excellent way to improve the productivity and efficiency of sales for every company. The book provides a good basis for applying Lean to increase sales and improve profitability.”

- Mikko Mäntyneva, Doctor of Philosophy, non-fiction writer.


"The book gave me good ideas for my own work, especially clarity on focusing genuinely on the factors that have been proven to have the greatest impact on the company's profitability, and simply remove unnecessary "clutter". Another big thing - the importance of trust in sales, it is at the core of everything! If it is not there, or the processes do not support it, we are on thin ice!"

- Peter Jahn, CEO/Executive Advisor, Picus Advisors Oy.


"Sufficiently fast and predictable cash flow is vital for a company. Even if the outlook is positive in terms of sales leads, surprising situations can push the company's bumper to a halt. Financing keeps the company's cash flow moving and enables investments that bring more sales, from hiring additional labor to creating new websites. Financing also plays a growing role as one of the most important purchase criteria and organizing it makes it easier to win bids"

- Ilkka Ulmanen, Qred Oy.

Do you recognize yourself in these?

  • We don't win enough offers: Learn how to stand out from your competitors
  • We have to compete on price: Learn to justify a higher price
  • I don't know why we won or lost an offer: Learn to understand the root causes behind the bids won and lost
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Who is the UltraLeanSales2.0 book for?

  • For professionals working in B2B sales
  • For those working in sales and marketing and those planning to enter the field
  • For business management consultants and those planning to become a consultant
  • For business, sales and entrepreneurship students
  • For those interested in efficiency and profitability
  • For entrepreneurs, and those considering entrepreneurship

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