to your customers with their own numbers, and notice how seeing becomes believing!



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Do you want more clarity for company development and decision-making?

  • Quickly visualize your company's key figures in a clear format and simulate What If-scenarios.
  • With smart diagrams, you can visualize complex ideas faster, more clearly, and view the impact with real numbers.
    Quickly map your business processes to identify inefficiencies so you can make the necessary improvements.
  • "The simulator is very clear and easily modifiable. Using the simulator makes it especially easy to present financial figures and greatly clarifies the presentation of the matter. The simulator is a great tool for practical work."


    Jaana Silander, toimitusjohtaja LANUPE OY

  • "Business Simulator is an excellent tool for forecasting and also easy to share with stakeholders."


    Kari Halonen, toimitusjohtaja, B4G Group Oy

  • "The simulator gives a clear and concrete picture of the benefits of the service to the customer. It makes sales much easier."


    Kristiina Kauranen, toimitusjohtaja, WIRKEE Oy

The Business Simulator brings your number to life.

Understand the simultaneous effects of several different parameters on your business. We make it easy.

  • Boost your company's sales

    Would you like to be able to check the impact of different variables (What If-scenarios) on your business, with your company's own numbers?

    Is it worth investing in the quantity or quality of the offers? How does your pricing affect revenue?

    • Simulation of the combined effect of several parameters on e.g. turnover
    • Simulation of cumulative effect of parameters
    • Finding the most important development targets
    • Simulation of sales and marketing strategies
    • Simulation of forecasts and budgets
    • Pricing optimization
    • And so on.
  • Simulator as a tool for sales

    What if you could justify the added value you produced in a sales situation with your client company's own fnumbers?
    Would you do more business if you could show your customer exact monetary savings from your service?

    • Prove the added value you produce to the customer (Do not just tell, show!)
    • Simulation of the impact of the added value produced for the customer using the customer's metrics
    • What If- simulations of the savings produced for the customer
    • And so on.

    Justify the added value you produce to your own customers, with real figures, and do more business.

  • Financial management and finance

    Do you know what effect inventory turnover has on your business?
    Do you want to know how fixed and variable costs affect profitability?
    Would you like to know in advance how specific changes will affect your business?

    • Earning models, forecasts and strategic decision-making
    • What If simulation of profitability calculations
    • Simulation of forecasts and budgets
    • Inventory value determination and optimization
    • Investment and financing scenarios
    • Financing calculators for websites, for simulating the financing needs of end customers
    • And so on.
  • Quality / Processes / Lean

    What is the easiest way to improve the overall efficiency of the process? Do you know how product life affects profitability?

    • Quality vs. lifetime, simulation of savings
    • The added value produced by the elimination of waste
    • Streamlining processes, digitization
    • Automation of reporting
    • Visualising complex metrics quickly
    • And so on.
  • HR, well-being, personnel

    How does sickness absence affect productivity? Would you like to simulate the impact of investments in occupational well-being on profitability?

    • Costs of sickness absences (Well-being and sports sector)
    • Simulation of recruitment, work efficiency and employee turnover
    • Clarification of costs, roles and responsibilities
    • To support decision-making when considering delegation or outsourcing
    • Visualize complex metrics quickly
    • And so on.

"This kind of service has been needed! I look forward to offering the UltraLeanSales analytics solution and added value simulators to our webCRM customers"

- Johanna Höglund, Country Sales Manager Finland, Efficy.

  • Visualize your company's numbers

    The visual simulator clarifies your company's numbers in an easy-to-interpret format.

  • Simulate and make informed decisions

    Instead of guessing, you can simulate changes with the right numbers for your company and make better decisions.

  • Boost and save

    With the help of the simulator, you can find your company's development targets and increase efficiency in the right places.

  • Do more business

    Enhance your sales process by simulating the added value or savings you produce for your customer in a sales situation.

  • 1.

    FREE 30 minute demo!

    First, book a free 30-minute presentation, during which you will get a comprehensive picture of the simulator's uses and possibilities to make your company's operations more efficient.
    We don't want to waste your precious time, just like we don't want to waste ours. If we both believe that the simulator is the right solution for your company's needs, we will arrange a follow-up meeting for a more detailed analysis of your company's situation or the implementation of the simulator.

    (The presentation does not oblige you to anything, and is completely free for you.)

  • 2.

    Diagnosis, Requirements mapping and Implementation

    In follow-up meetings, we analyze the special features of your business in order to understand as deeply as possible the cause-and-effect relationships between your services or products and the customer's business. Next, we will make a requirements survey together, with the support of which we will define the best and most effective uses of the simulator for your company.

    Our experts in knowledge-based management and continuous business development will build a turnkey simulator for you according to the needs assessment.

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    The Business Simulator is ready to be used, both on your website and for example to be shared safely among your partners or customers in online meetings. Use the Business Simulator and boost your company's operations!

  • 4.

    Optimizing long term Benefits

    If you would like, we can act as an external advisor to your company, and offer our expertise and tools for your use. We clarify your goals, monitor the implementation of the simulator with you, and if necessary, make changes to achieve the best results. Ask more about the packages that can be customized for each company.

Business Simulator on a turnkey basis

When you order a Business Simulator, you always have access to the know-how and expertise of UltraLeanBusiness business development professionals for the definition and implementation of your simulators.

    • Business simulator built by professionals with your company's own numbers
    • A simulator suitable for your company's graphic look (fonts, colors, logo)
    • Agreed criteria based on which you can simulate scenarios
    • The possibility to safely embed the Simulator on websites
    • One-time cost of building the simulator
    • A small monthly fee for using the simulator
    • User support and consulting
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Experts to help you

Our UltraLeanBusiness experts make sure you get the most out of your Simulator. They ensure a smooth implementation, optimize the tools for the best results and make sure you are satisfied.

Best of all, the service and support of our experts is included in every Simulator package!

"Using the UltraLeanSales Simulator has opened up how the change in product quality and purchase price affects the costs, risk management, and operational efficiency of the entire factory in the bigger picture. Offers should be viewed more broadly than just based on the lowest price. The simulator helps both ourselves and our customers in understanding this process."

- Roope Jokinen, toimitusjohtaja, Oy PME-Trading Ltd.

Frequently asked questions

What if I do not know all the numbers of my company?

Don't worry, we'll help you identify and find the essential numbers on which to build your simulator.

Can I embed my own simulator on my website?

Yes you can! The simulator is integrated into your website with the help of a short html code.

Will you help make the simulator or should I do it myself?

The Business Simulator service includes working with an expert
familiarization with your business, the cause-and-effect relationships applicable to it and meters as well as simulator construction by an expert.

How much does it cost to make and use the Simulator?

The cost of customizing the simulator depends on the size of your company, the complexity of your business model, and the ready-made Excel-based data and formulas that your company has, and ofcourse quantity and quality of it all.
In addition, the price is affected by the possibility of using earlier similar Simulators. You can get a more detailed estimate at a free appointment.

Indicative European pricing for Simulators tailored to your business is approximately:

Sole entrepreneurs: ~€1000.00 + VAT
Micro-enterprises: ~€2000.00+VAT
SMEs: ~€4000.00 + VAT
Large companies: Priced on a case-by-case basis

Use of the simulator requires a monthly license, the price of which varies depending on the size of the company.

Self-employed: €39.00/month
Micro-enterprises: €49.00/month
SMEs: €89.00/month
Large companies: Priced on a case-by-case basis

What if I don't know all my customer's numbers?

No worries. We have personal experience in more than 200 different industries and
about the business development of more than 300 companies. We understand
financial management key figures, so we know how to combine your services
the benefits produced to the right customer metrics in an understandable way and
reliably. After the project, you also understand your client's business better and can credibly justify the effects on different metrics.

Does everything have to be done again if, for example, there are changes to the calculation models or even if the company logo changes? Is it expensive?

Small updates (calculation model, output data, appearance, texts,
etc.) can be done easily and quickly. Changes are made in the underlying system and, for example, the one on your web pages
The simulators are updated automatically. They also included
in a monthly fee.

Can calculation models be trusted?

The calculation models behind Business Simulators are certified
by UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd. Simulator calculation models
follow the ISO 9001 quality management system processes
for construction and development. In particular, we pay attention to LeanSixSigma and
Correct measurement of process efficiency according to DMAIC models
and the continuous improvement model in the sales environment.

Who is responsible for the results or benefits shown by the Simulators?

No one can promise the results indicated by the Simulator. We strive
to the correctness of calculation models and UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd is them
certified as comprehensively as possible. Human error
however, the possibility is always there. In addition
calculation models often make assumptions in order to derive from the model
simple enough and easy to understand. These assumptions
documented and presented openly so that the end customer/user can also
know about them and understand that the calculations are indicative ONLY!
UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd is not responsible for direct or indirect

Can a small company also use the simulator?

Yes. The simulators are suitable for companies of all sizes, from sole proprietors to large companies.

Can I share simulators online?

You can. You control the distribution of the simulators yourself and your spreadsheets and simulators are safe!

How are the simulators implemented?

The Business Simulator service includes careful review of cause-and-effect relationships and your company metrics, with a UltraLean Business simulator professional.

Business simulators are built completely without any coding, with your spreadsheet data.
We use spreadsheet formulas you're used to, or
we create them for you and build smoothly operating, endlessly
interactive simulators that you can share
or publish securely online.

What purposes are Business Simulators most suitable for?

  • Each simulator is customized to suit customers needs.
    We can build versatile
    solutions, for example for the following uses:
  • Price simulators for extensively tailored services and products
  • Simulators for revenue model forecasting and strategic decision making
  • Financial simulators with complex equations
  • Real estate simulators for real estate appraisal and loan financing
  • Clarifying added value simulators for sales teams
  • Simulator and calculator solutions dealing with numerical variables
  • And many other customized solutions for small, medium and large enterprises

What is a Business Simulator?

UltraLeanBusiness Simulator is a smart business tool that allows you to visualize complex ideas faster, more clearly and collaboratively with others. You can quickly simulate, for example, your company's most important indicators to identify inefficiencies, so that you can start making the necessary improvements in an informed way.

Intelligent simulations help you visualize complex ideas faster
and more clearly. You can share simulations directly with your team, or
embed them anywhere on the web, making it easier for real people
getting involved in decision-making.


Why trust us?

Antti Leijala, Business Simulator's chief expert and developer of the UltraLeanSales model, is a well-known trainer, consultant, author and researcher in Finland. He has more than 20 years of experience in global business and has personally helped more than 250 Finnish companies, in more than 200 industries, to improve their business and sales performance. His passion is helping B2B companies improve the efficiency of the sales process, especially with the profit ratio metric. Read more about Antti's background on his LinkedIn profile and send an invitation request to start a personal conversation.

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