Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy statement of the customer register in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016).


UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd.

Social security number: 2816241-5

Address: Antinniemi 79, 18330 Heinola


Antti Leijala



UltraLeanSales marketing and customer registry.


Personal data is processed on the basis of a sales contract in the case of the customer register and on the basis of consent in the case of the marketing register.


Personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

• maintenance, management and development of customer relations

• implementation of services

• verification of customer and visitor transactions

• development of customer service, operations and websites

• conducting opinion and market surveys

• remarketing using Facebook, Google and e-mail marketing tools

• marketing of products and services as well as data statistics and analysis

• implementation of partnership and affiliate marketing

The register consists of users who have joined the mailing list through the above-mentioned sites, ordering free content, and purchasing various products and services. The personal data in the register is used to communicate with users on the email list and to manage and maintain the customer relationship between the company and customers.

The user is informed about the sites' news and current events in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The user accepts that the company can also send direct marketing, direct advertising, opinion, marketing research material and/or other comparable addressed mailings via e-mail.

Personal data is processed within the limits and methods permitted and required by the Data Protection Act (December 5, 2018) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016).


As a user, the following information can be collected about you:

• First name

• Last name

• Email address

• Business customer's personal and/or company information (business ID, e-mail address, postal address, postal office and number)

• Registration information: username and password

• Information regarding customer relationship maintenance; billing and payment information, order and delivery information, seller and partner information, customer feedback, contacts, raffle and contest responses, cancellation information

• Email messages from the website user

• Site user permissions and consents

• User usage data, such as clicking on links, pages or posts you visit, time of operations.

The user can at any time delete or view his data from the register via the link found on the company's website or attached. The user can unsubscribe from the email list at any time via the link at the end of the newsletter. The link is either in English (unsubscribe) or in Finnish (unsubscribe). The user may be included in several email lists, as a result of which the company may still send messages and materials, even if the user thinks he has left the email list once. If you want to unsubscribe from all lists at the same time, contact us by email at antti.leijala(at)


Personal information is obtained when the user subscribes to a newsletter, downloads a free guide, updates their own information, buys a company's product through the website, participates in contests or raffles. Information is also obtained with the help of cookies or other similar technologies, as well as information produced by customer services regarding the services used, including information and data sets standardized by an external system supplier.


The information in the customer register is only used by UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd.

Information collected in the register will not be disclosed outside the company for marketing, sales, opinion or market research purposes, unless a matter related to collection or invoicing or a legal obligation requires it. Shopify, which is used as UltraLeanSales' homepage and e-commerce platform, is an international e-commerce platform that also operates outside the EU economic zone. In the event of a problem, we may have to contact Shopify's customer service, which is located outside the EU economic zone.

Shopify's Irish branch, Shopify International Ltd. generally receives and processes all ETA personal data.

Data is exported from the EEA to Shopify Inc., the Canadian parent company of Shopify. Exporting takes place in Shopify's business structure. Shopify Inc.'s data is protected under Canada's private sector privacy legislation, PIPEDA, which is deemed sufficient under the GDPR.

The data of users on the email list (first name, last name and email address) are transferred to software outside the EU or the European Economic Area:

• Mailchimp email marketing program. Mailchimp is committed to complying with the EU data protection regulation. Read more:


In the processing of personal data, good data management practices and the duty of care and protection according to data protection legislation are followed.

In processing, the necessary technical and organizational measures are implemented to protect personal data from unauthorized access and accidental or illegal data destruction, alteration, transfer, transfer or other illegal processing.

Only those persons who need to process personal data in their work duties have access to personal data.

Digitally stored and processed information is in databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Files in paper form are kept in locked rooms.

The staff of UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd is bound by a duty of confidentiality regarding all information.


Personal data is stored only as long as is necessary for the purpose of personal data processing. If the information is not used or updated for 10 years, it will be removed from the register.


We use cookies on our website ("cookies"). A cookie is a small text file sent to the user's computer and stored there. Cookies do not damage users' computers or files.

The primary purpose of using cookies is to improve and customize the visitor's user experience on the site and to analyze and improve the site's functionality and content. The information collected with the help of cookies can also be used in the targeting of communication and marketing and in the optimization of marketing measures.

The visitor cannot be identified using cookies alone. However, information obtained with the help of cookies can be linked to information obtained by the user in other contexts, for example when the user fills out a form on our site.

The following types of information are collected with the help of cookies:

• visitor's IP address

• time of visit

• the visitor's browser

• visited pages and page viewing times

The user visiting our website has the option to block the use of cookies at any time by changing the settings of his browser. Most browser programs allow you to disable the cookie function and delete already saved cookies. Blocking the use of cookies may affect the site's functionality.

Social media plugins

The websites of UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd may have links to third-party websites and so-called social media plugins (e.g. Facebook and Instagram community plugins). Using social media plugins can send identifiable information to those social media service providers. When you open the plug-in, you may allow cookies from third-party websites to be stored on your computer, so that their administrators can monitor the use of the page, if you are logged into the social media of the service provider in question.

Third-party services or third-party-mediated applications on these sites are subject to third-party privacy, use, and other terms. UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd has no control over such third-party websites, and UltraLeanBusiness Oy Ltd is not responsible for any material published on them or their use.

If the user goes to a linked website, he should familiarize himself with the privacy policies, cookie collection information and other applicable terms of use of that website.

Some of the links may be so-called affiliate links, through which the company receives commissions or free months of use of the products. Affiliate links are indicated either with a (*) sign or with a mention at the end of the blog posts.


The registered person has the right to check his personal data stored in the register. The inspection request must be sent in writing with the personal identification number and signed to the contact person mentioned above in the register or to the company's official postal address. The inspection request can also be submitted to the controller at the address stated earlier in this leaflet.

The registered person has the right to request the correction of incorrect information about him.

The registered person has the right to remove personal data concerning him from the register and to request that they be transferred to another controller. The right does not apply to information that is subject to another legal obligation to keep.

The registered person has the right to prohibit the use of their data for direct advertising, remote sales or other direct marketing, as well as for opinion and market research.

Electronic direct marketing can be directed to the data subject, provided that the data subject has given his consent. The registered person has the right to withdraw his consent at any time.

Any disagreements are primarily resolved by negotiating with the data subject. The registered person has the right to refer the matter regarding the processing of personal data to the data protection authority.

Date: 23.02.2023